We seek to engage positively with and support the communities that host our mining operations, by addressing their specific needs with the aim of socio-economic upliftment. We focus on several areas including the implementation of SLPs (Social and Labour Plans), local recruitment, preferential procurement, enterprise development, supplier development and corporate social investment initiatives through our community trusts.

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Poverty and a lack of education and skills affects the employability of many South Africans, particularly in the remote mining areas, resulting in high levels of unemployment, and limiting the availability of skilled labour.

They also suffer from weak local government structures, resulting in poor provision of essential municipal services. Leadership squabbles and the formation of splinter groups, which masquerade as community representatives, often delay development, because operations struggle to enter into legitimate legal agreements and contracts.

Nevertheless, committed engagement with local stakeholders has also resulted in positive relationships with host and local communities. Regular direct communication between operations and their communities provides a clear space to voice concerns. Concerns and complaints are escalated to appropriate forums, where issues are considered for swift resolution.

Group performance against F2023 SLP targets in (R’000)
Section Budget Actual spend
Human resources development 112 266 41 118LA
Mine community development 64 645 60 488LA
Housing and living conditions 40 706 51 396
Management of downscaling and retrenchments 29 969
Preferential procurement 1 824 493
Total 247 586 1 977 495

Note: The 5-year SLP for Booysendal North and South, and Zondereinde comes to an end in 2025. Eland’s SLP concluded in June 2023.

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