A message from Paul Dunne

It is unthinkable that, in 2022, the prospect of sexual harassment and gender-based violence is a reality which women face every day in South Africa, both at home and at work.

In our industry specific working conditions could lend themselves to situations where women could feel unsafe, threatened and abused. These threats are real for many of the women in our industry, and those who work at mines in our broader Northam group. These women are frequently sole breadwinners in their families and who are working to provide food, shelter and education for the next generation. They deserve our respect and support.

At Northam, we are bound by our values and our Code of Ethics.

Nobody should turn a blind eye to prejudice, bullying and violence in our places of work.

I call on all the men and women in our company to be aware, to be vigilant and to speak up. We all need to take responsibility in ensuring that every incident is reported and dealt with.

Paul Dunne
Chief executive
14 February 2022


Gender-based violence and sexual harassment are endemic in our society. Inevitably, the mining industry reflects these trends. At Northam we acknowledge that we need to proactively support women. We need to look out for signals and situations which cause discomfort, fear, anxiety and pain. Everybody is required to report situations which could be unsafe for women.

  • We will not tolerate intimidation of any kind
  • Nobody should feel afraid to go to work
  • If it feels or seems uncomfortable, it is

0800 152 539

We support Women in Mining at Northam

The seven foundational pillars:

  1. Reaffirm Zero Tolerance for GBV through Stop Abuse campaigns
  2. Develop gender diversity and inclusion policies
  3. Provide reporting system for gender diversity issues
  4. Initiate unconscious bias training to transform culture
  5. Deploy ongoing companywide pulse check surveys
  6. Build an inclusive physical environment
  7. Supply PPE for women specifically
Stop sexual harassment [graphic]