In South Africa, the youth demographic (aged 15 to 34) faces higher unemployment rates than the national average, presenting challenges to their economic participation.

At Northam, we prioritise youth empowerment and have implemented tailored programmes to support them in our workplaces and local communities. Our Cadetship programme focuses on developing skills for entry-level roles in mining and metallurgy, actively engaging young people in economic activity.

In F2023, 76% of Cadetship participants were youths, with 40% women, showcasing our commitment to gender equality. We also offer internships and graduate trainee programmes, fostering personal and professional growth and building a skilled workforce for the future. Our dedication to youth empowerment aligns with our broader goal of creating inclusive opportunities and contributing to the nation’s development and prosperity.

Looking ahead

Over the next five years, our growth strategy will enable us to create an additional 1 100 direct new sustainable jobs.

Miner [photo]
162 Cadets absorbed into the permanent workforce F2023

42% Youth employment offered from total recruitment F2023